Darco system


Chimney clean out doors – to cover the clean – out element of a chimney.
Clean out element mointing frame – mounting frame for doors and draught regulators RCW.

Chimney clean out doors are an aesthetical element covering the clean out element of a chimney system. Outer dimensions 205×225[mm] to a clean-out element channel of 125×185 [mm].

Clean out element mounting frame allows to mount the Darco-type cleaning doors as well as the RCW draught regulator in the Darco-type clean out element in a solid and durable way.

The clean out doors and clean out element mounting frame are made of chrome-nickel stainless steel. More information about dimensions and  technical drawings – see catalogue card in “Downlad” tab.

Darco system


Allows to connect the fireplace damper on an angular fireplace hood.

Damper knobs were designed for precise setting of chimney damper plate. Damper knob allows to set the damper plate in many positions, as well as prevents  it from exceeding the min/max positions (opened and closed). Its special construction prevents the knob from getting hot during operating. Knob is suitable to mounted with chimney dampers  of 8 mm and 10 mm shaft diameters. Removable front allows easy mounting and dismantling, for example during chimney hood finishing.

Available chimney dampers knobs:

  • Chimney damper knob – SZKZ-REG
  • Chimney damper knob light – SZKZ-REG-LIGHT
  • Rectangular damper knob – SZKZ-REG-KW
  • Round damper knob – SZKZ-REG-OK
  • Chimney damper … OS – on surface and under surface version

Compatibile with chimney dampers are:

Flexible shafts – flexible elements connecting the knob damper with axle damper – with rod which is attached to the damper. Using the flexible shaft is possible to provide the rotation with a knob on the axle damper. Due to its design allows the damper knob assembly anywhere in the building eaves of the fireplace.

Extension of flexible shaft – are a flexible extension od flexible shafts

Round and square joints – make it esier connect knob with chimney damper  a tan angle.


  • adjustment of the position of the chimney glass damper in the fireplace or stove

More information and technical drawings  of damper knobs and accesories – see the catalogue card in “Download” tab.

Darco system


Draught regulators are used to stabilize and decrease chimney draught in ventilation, flue and smoke ducts. This device  is to be mounted next to the chimney connection, equipped with a damper with an adjustable weight. The weight is to be regulated to achieve and maintain a certain underpressure ratio.

Chimney draught regulator decreases too high pressure in chimney duct, which:

  • appears despite correct cross-section of a chimney duct,
  • appears if the cross-sectional area of chimney duct is to big;
  • is caused by temporary impact of weather conditions for example strong wind

Device is destined to be mounted:

  • on the connector which connects stove with the chimney
  • over the connector
  • under the connector

DARCO offers chimney draught regulators:

RCO –  Round draught regulators –  are used to stabilize and decrease chimney draught in ventilation, flue and smoke ducts

RCR – Chimney draught regulator mounted on a pipe – diameter from 120 to 200 mm.

RCP – Rectangular draught regulators designed for chimneys with diameters from 100-250 [mm] and height of max. 20 [m]

RCW – Device to be mounted instead of chimney revision doors in the chimney system. To mount the RCW-type draught regulator the RM-DW mounting frame must be installed first

RCO-EX – is equipped with an additional anti-explosion system, which, in case of sudden increase of pressure (for example: sudden combustion or fumes explosion in chimney or chimney connection) opens the forehead, allowing the exhaust fumes to be extracted. This solution prevents chimney or stove from getting damaged in such situation.


  • stabilisation and limitation of chimney draught in the chimney

Information about the individual versions, materials  and technical drawings with dimensions – see catalogue card in “Download” tab.

How the draught regulator works?