SDP – Air Distribution System

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SDP – Air Distribution System

SDP Air Distribution System is a part of the KKO round ventilation ducts and fittings product group. It is designed for air distribution in ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings, including residential buildings, multi-storey and public utility buildings. It allows distribution of air in mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

System Dystrybucji Powietrza - SDP
System Dystrybucji Powietrza - SDP

Wide range of distribution boxes in combination with round and rectangular ducts as well as tees, connectors and elbows allow to create a comprehensive system of air distribution in every building. Connecting of the KKO ventilation ducts with other elements and devices of the installation, as well as method of thermal and acoustic insulation of ducts should be specified in the technical design developed for a specific object.


• construction of ventilation ducts of natural or mechanical type, air heating and air conditioning systems
• construction of ventilation ducts, air heating and air conditioning systems used in industrial processes

Elements of the SDP system are made with galvanized steel sheet type DX51D+Z100 (acc to PN-EN 10346:2015 standard) and may be used in areas of atmospheric corrosion class C1 and C2 (acc to PN-EN ISO 9223:2012). Designation of ventilation ducts to a certain purpose in a building shall be described in the technical project that includes usage and type of installation.
Other technical information about the products can be found in the SDP system catalogue, available to download in the “Download” section of the website, as well as in the “Domestic Declaration of Performance”


Industrial processes