Darco system


Wind power+little bit of energy + silence = efficient and cost effective ventilation by DARCO.

Hybrid Turbowent PLUS is a brand new concept in hybrid ventilation systems. As all hybrid chimney cowls, Hybrid Turbowent PLUS devices use force of the wind to increase chimney draught, when wind is not strong enough – low power electric motor is used to speed the turbine up and achieve desired efficiency, on the other hand, electric motor slows the turbine down when wind blows too fast.

Moreover, thanks to special vanes inside the turbine, efficiency as  well as pressure created are substantially increased, while still maintaining the key advantages of low energy consumption and low emission of sound.

Unique thing of the “PLUS” version is that it is equipped with special blades that are mounted inside the turbine, thanks to this solution parameters of the cowl are substantially increased. In fact, because of this, Hybrid Turbowent Plus works almost like a ventilator, at the same time, still keeping the key advantages of low energy consumption, minimal noise level and the “hybridity” (because, when the wind speed is strong enough to achieve the rotation speed set on the steering device, motor does not work, and cowl runs just like the ordinary wind driven Turbowent).


  • creating hybrid ventilation systems
  • when there are wind fluctuations on the chimney duct ending, caused by its bad location
  • when there is an unfavorable terrain configuration, with strong and frequent winds
  • when there is a lack of chimney draught or it is too weak
  • in order to improve the natural (gravitation) ventilation
Available cowl diameters 200 [mm] 250 [mm] 300 [mm] 350 [mm]
Speed adjusting range 90 -380  [rev/min] 90-340  rev/min] 90-280  [rev/min] 90 -262        [rev/min]
Max. efficiency 430 [m3/h] 795 [m3/h] 1094 [m3/h] 1454 [m3/h]
Max. underpressure 20 [Pa] 20 [Pa] 20 [Pa] 17 [Pa]
Max. power 10 [W] 12 [W] 23 [W] 32 [W]
Speed controller voltage 24 [VDC]
Versions 1.      Square base

2.      Dismountable base

3.      Base with collar

4.      Base with insulation closing

5.      Force-in mounting base

6.      Inlet pipe openable

7.      Inlet pipe not openable

8.      Inlet pipe reduced

Material versions 1.      Turbine – Aluminum Base: chrome-nickel sheet 1.4301

2.      Turbine – Aluminum Base: chrome-nickel sheet 1.4301 Powder coated

Max. working tempe 70 [ºC]
Bearing system: ball bearings
Warranty 2 years

Hybrid Turbowent- the combination of gravitational vetilation with the reliability of mechanical one