We present another chimney system – this time the SGSP system, discharging exhaust gases from gas fireplaces with a closed combustion chamber.

This type of fireplace requires a completely different connection and chimney system than the standard one. This system is coaxial, slightly similar to that used in condensing boilers, except that here the flue gas is discharged through an internal duct using the gravitational method (it is not forced by a fan), while the combustion air is sucked in through an “air” duct.

What distinguishes this system is also the fact that its construction is often crucial for the proper functioning of the fireplace. It is not only sufficient for it to effectively and safely remove the products of combustion, but also to provide an adequate (but not excessive) supply of air. We want the effect of combustion to be yellow flames resembling burnt wood, and not blue as in a gas stove. Therefore, the system is carefully examined and checked for flow resistance, and the shapes and forms of the individual components are never random. Click for technical details