The dynamic development of the company allowed us to undertake extensive actions aimed at strengthening our position on the domestic market and increasing our share on foreign markets. We are pleased to announce that with the coming of 2020 DARCO Sp. z o.o. starts its activity under a new corporate logo. Gradually it will replace the current logo in all online publications, advertising materials, company documents or packaging. The new visual identity presented below is a natural result of changes that have been taking place over the years in the scope of our company’s activity and organization, as well as the growing expansion on international markets. Naturally, we continue our activity in the production of chimney systems, accessories for fireplaces and natural and hybrid ventilation, but we intend to expand our offer to new markets, sometimes distant from the current business profile.

With the change of the company logo the design of our products, packaging, image and communication materials will also change.

We will separate two new production lines in our offer:

including chimney, ventilation, heating products and accessories. The hallmark of DARCO SYSTEM is outstanding value for money and comprehensive solutions.

The company focuses on high quality ventilation and heating accessories for demanding customers. Designer concepts and the highest class of reliability are its promise.

Among all the changes that await us in the near future one will remain the same – our overriding goal is to provide you with advanced technologies and equipment of the highest quality.

To learn more about DARCO in the new version we encourage you to read the company folder.