System Dystrybucji Powietrza - SDP

Darco system

SDP – Air Distribution System

SDP Air Distribution System is a part of the KKO round ventilation ducts and fittings product group. It is designed for air distribution in ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings, including residential buildings, multi-storey and public utility buildings. It allows distribution of air in mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

System Dystrybucji Powietrza - SDP
System Dystrybucji Powietrza - SDP

Wide range of distribution boxes in combination with round and rectangular ducts as well as tees, connectors and elbows allow to create a comprehensive system of air distribution in every building. Connecting of the KKO ventilation ducts with other elements and devices of the installation, as well as method of thermal and acoustic insulation of ducts should be specified in the technical design developed for a specific object.


• construction of ventilation ducts of natural or mechanical type, air heating and air conditioning systems
• construction of ventilation ducts, air heating and air conditioning systems used in industrial processes

Elements of the SDP system are made with galvanized steel sheet type DX51D+Z100 (acc to PN-EN 10346:2015 standard) and may be used in areas of atmospheric corrosion class C1 and C2 (acc to PN-EN ISO 9223:2012). Designation of ventilation ducts to a certain purpose in a building shall be described in the technical project that includes usage and type of installation.
Other technical information about the products can be found in the SDP system catalogue, available to download in the “Download” section of the website, as well as in the “Domestic Declaration of Performance”


Industrial processes


Darco system

Szczypce kominkowe krokodylki

Obrotowa nasada kominowa TURBOWENT jest urządzeniem dynamicznie wykorzystującym siłę wiatru do wspomagania ciągu kominowego.

Szczypce kominkowe krokodylki


  • kiedy występują zawirowania powietrza na wylocie komina, spowodowane jego niekorzystnym usytuowaniem;
  • przy niekorzystnej konfiguracji terenu, silnych i częstych wiatrach;
  • kiedy brak jest ustabilizowanego ciągu kominowego lub jest on zbyt mały;
  • wspomaga wentylację grawitacyjną.


Dostępne średnice dolotowe: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 [MM]
Wersje wykonania: Zobacz kartę produktu
Wersje materiałowe: Zobacz kartę produktu
Maksymalna temperatura pracy: 150 [C]
Układ obrotowy: Łożyska toczne w oleju wysokotemperaturowym
Gwarancja: 2 lata

*Karta produktu dostępna jest w zakładce „Pliki do pobrania”

Skrzynka na listy

Other DARCO products

Mail box

The Darco mailbox is an item that will make your daily life easier. It was created with future users in mind, who value security, functionality and a modern design.

Skrzynka na listy
Skrzynka na listy

The mailbox is a reliable structure, which, thanks to its robust lock, will keep your mail safe. It is equipped with a spyhole, thanks to which you will be able to easily check whether any new mail has arrived. The self-locking mechanism will keep water out of the mailbox. It is made of galvanised powder-coated sheet steel – constituting double protection against weather conditions. Two assembly sets will allow the mailbox to be installed on a fence, wall or pillar.

The mailboxes may be adapted to users’ individual needs:

  • select the side, where the lock with spyhole is to be installed
  • order a personalised engraving
  • pick one of the three basic colours – black, graphite or brown (with other colours available by special order).

The letterbox is made of 0.5 mm galvanised steel – powder coated, providing double protection against corrosion.

Weight [kg]: 4,3
Dimensions [cm]: 49,5 x 33 x 9

Mail box DARCO


Other DARCO products

Correspondence box

Darco correspondence box is a way to simplify the daily operations of your institution or enterprise. It was designed to enable safe and comfortable service for clients and customers willing to address a document. All that with unique design.


In order to meet the expectations of companies or institutions serving customers and clients by the exchange of correspondence, the box was equipped with a large container, thanks to which it is able to contain a great volume of documents; a spyhole allowing to check whether there are documents inside without opening; a self-locking mechanism keeping the box closed straight after  correspondence is dropped in as well as a secure lock protecting against opening by unauthorised parties.

In addition, in order to simplify access to the box, customer is able to choose the side on which the spyhole with lock are to be installed. To keep the whole thing in a design matching the room, colour and a personalised laser engraving may be chosen.

Weight [kg]: 11, 4
Diamensons [cm]: 49,5 x 70 x 20


Box colour: graphite (RAL 7016) or black (RAL 9005) – basic colours. Box may be ordered in any colour of the RAL palette upon request.*

Right/left side: Location of lock with spyhole can be on the right or left side of the box. Lock and spyhole must always be on the same side.

Engraving: Upon request* a laser engraving is possible: text, address or name of company/ institution.

*Inquire about details by e-mail at, or by phone at +48 14 680 99 15.

Other DARCO products

CNC tool cabinets

Darco CNC tool cabinets allow storing tools used for CNC machine production processes in easy and comfortable way. Robust housing, simple transporting options and usage of top-quality components allow easy access to the tools and their efficient protection, minimising floor space at the same time.


Housing and drawers are made of powder-coated mild steel. These are the basic components of the tool cabinets. Upon request  it is possible to pick the type and number of shelves. Drawers have comfortable grips and labels to describe the tools located. Components are powder-coated in a customer selected colour.

Drawer shelves are made of 2 mm thick mild steel, powder-coated. They are adapted for the storage of tools used with press brakes, punch presses or milling machines. Shelves may be installed in any arrangement and at selected heights.

Separate system of rollers in the drawers prevents  shelves from wearing.

Magnetic strips allow easy identification of the tools stored.

Self-closing drawers – system allowing drawers to fully close in final phase of their movement.

High-quality wheels prevent floors from getting damaged.

Easy transport of the cabinet is enabled thanks to cut-outs allowing forklift to be used.

Tool cabinet dimensions allow it to be shipped with the usage of a normalized pallet, providing safe and economic transport between the seller and the purchaser.

CNC Tool Cabinets

Bezdotykowy dozownik do dezynfekcji

Pozostała oferta

Contactless disinfection liquid dispenser

Contactless disinfection liquid dispenser, allows application of fluid without necessity of direct hand contact.

Bezdotykowy dozownik do dezynfekcji
Bezdotykowy dozownik do dezynfekcji

COVID-19 pandemic has caused implementation of special measures in terms of hand disinfection inevitable. In order to accommodate this challenge, Darco created  automatic, contactless disinfectant dispenser, all that with design allowing it to look nice in every interior.  Proximity sensor detects hands and applies fluid without risk of transmission of viruses or bacteria. Dispenser housing is made of powder coated 1 mm thick sheet steel, while the niche for hands as well as drip tray are made of chrome-nickel. Floor base is made of 5 mm thick sheet steel, ensuring stability. It was designed so it can be fixed to the ground permanently or set up temporarily wherever needed. Back wall is equipped with locked door ensuring easy access to the disinfectant container and other components.

Device is powered with  230 V voltage. Dispenser comes with its power supply.

Weight [kg]: 21
Dimensions [cm]: 30 x 145,5 x 17

Other DARCO products


Fireplace accessory, that should be in every home.


“CROCODILES” fireplace tongs are a unique accessory, simple and, at the same time, very functional. They replace a number of fireplace accessories, helping quickly and safely load wood to the fireplace. Thanks to them, you can easily collect hot pieces of wood that may fell out of the fireplace.

“CROCODILES” fireplace tongs are made from special carbon spring-type steel, painted with Senotherm paint.

Other DARCO products


Woodrack “JOHN” is a simple and rigid stand for storing fireplace wood  next to the building wall.


Woodrack “JOHN” is a simple and rigid stand for storing fireplace wood  next to the building wall. It protects wood against scattering and, because of  a  gap over the ground, gives possibility to make the wood  dry.

Standard version consists of: two side holders and two lateral holders, 8 boards 30 x 90mm of 1m length as well  as fixing screws. Special construction of holders ensures stability and durability of the structure.

Metal elements made with mild steel 2,0mm powder coated black. More technical info – see catalogue card in „Download” tab.

Rama do kominka

Other DARCO products


Universal Fireplace Frame – suits almost all fireplace inserts. Perfect for modern, stylish interior designs.

Rama do kominka
Rama do kominka

In Universal Fireplace Frame, thanks to an innovative adjusting solution it is possible to fit the frame to almost all fireplace inserts on the market! Adjusting the frame is easy and can be made without any tools needed. You just slide the corners in or out ! Mounting the frame to the fireplace cladding is also very easy and unique (placing special bolts on the wall and pressing the frame inside), that way of fitting gives the possibility for quick dismantling (in case of, for example, necessity of cleaning the insert).

All technical info – see catalogue card in „Download” tab.


Steering and power supply

ERO-32MN1 and 2

ERO-32MN-1 and ERO-32MN-2 controllers are designed for motor speed steering of devices equipped with brushless (BLDC type) motors produced by DARCO and as regulated 0-5 V DC / 0-10 V DC general purpose voltage sources.


ERO-32MN is available in two versions – square (ERO-32MN-1) and round (ERO-32MN-2) and two colour versions – white (B) and black (CZ). ERO-32MN1 and 2 can be mounting – for surface and under surface. Controller is compatible with devices produced by DARCO:

Controller can steering devices produced by other producers 0-5 V DC / 0-10 V DC general purpose voltage sources.

Type ERO-32-MN1 ERO-32-MN2
Voltage [V DC] 20-24
Nominal power [W] 0,6
Max current [mA] 40
Max R output load [mA] 5
IP protection class IP40
Ambient temperature [°C] -20 – +60
Humidity [%] 0 – 80
Measurments [mm] 84 x 84 x 49 85 x 85 x 44
Weight [g] 130 150