Darco system


System for modern, condensing gas boilers.

Air – flue systems are used to exhaust fumes from modern condensing boilers, which use the effect of water vapour condensation in the combustion process, or from “Turbo” type of boilers, with closed combustion chamber, that use a ventilator to exhaust fumes (positive pressure chimney duct). They secure surface of ceramic chimney ducts from destructive influence of chemical substances which are a part of the fumes.  In this system, air necessary for combustion process is taken from outside with the usage of the outer pipe – that is why SKSP; SKSP-XO systems are built with double walled elements (two pipes axially placed). Construction of the systems allows fume exhaustion to be made through inner duct while air supply is made through the gap between inner and outer duct. Double walled air – flue system elements are made of stainless steel: inner pipe –  1.4301 (acc. to DIN17441) outer pipe – 1.4301 (acc. to DIN17441). These chimneys allows the old, existing chimney ducts to be used with the new and modern type of boilers and new working conditions.


  • high acid resistance
  • very durable
  • easy mounting process, with no demolition works necessary
  • wide system configuration possibilities
  • non-flammable material
  • high chimney tightness


  • to protect ceramic chimney ducts extracting fumes from modern, condensing gas boilers
Standard diameters: 60/100 ; 80/125 ; 100/150 [mm]
Available diameters: 60/100 – 250/350 [mm]
Inner pipe material: Acid resistant stailness steel  1.4301 (304)    thicknesses 0,4 – 0,6 [mm]
Outer pipe material: Acid resistant stailness steel 1.4301 (304)   thicknesses 0,4 – 0,5 [mm]
Max working temperature: 250 [ºC]
Warranty: 5 years

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