Darco system


Are an aesthetital covering of ventilation and hot air distribution outlets

Shield grates are an aesthetical covering of the ventilation ducts air holes and outlets of air – heating systems. Special Easy-Mounting system consists of: mounting the frame into the air hole in a solid way and putting the shield grate on it, the grate clicks into the frame. This way of mounting allows the grate to be removed and put back on easily (in case of, for example, cleaning).

All shield grates are made with metal, coated with powder coat which makes them resistant to temperatures up to 180 [ºC], that is why they can be applied in hot air distribution systems.

DARCO offers:

Shield grates without shutter – to be mounted in fireplace hood

Shield grates with shutter – as a covering of ventilation and air heating ducts

Shield grates with rosette – to connect kitchen hoods

Inlet cassettes – allow to connect shield grates to hot air distribution or ventilation fittings (esspecialy the ones made with flexible pipes)

All grates are availiable in various sizes and colours (click a certain section for more details)


  • covering the air holes in the fireplace hood
  • covering hot air distribution outlets
  • covering the exhaust ventilation air holes (only inside buildings)

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