Darco system


Prevent hot air distribution systems from heat losses.

Insulation materials designed esspecialy for fireplace heating applications (insulating fireplace hood and hot air distribution ducts).

FIREROCK Fireplace hood insulation – Alu – Firebatts (by Rockwool)
LAMELLA MAT Hot air distribution ducts insulating wool  –  LAMELLA MAT (by Rockwool).
VERMICULITE BOARD GLUE GRENAISOL Grenaisol Glue allows to make solid and durable temperature-resistant connection .
IMPREGNAT FOR VARMSEN® FIREPLACE STOVES SUPER ISOL Impregnate for VARMSEN® fireplace insulation boards is made on the basis of sodium silicate and microsilca. It is dedicated for impregnation of SUPER ISOL boards, which are glued with the usage of ISOL GLUE+  in order to increase their adhesiveness.
ADHESIVE FOR SUPER-ISOL BOARDS SUPER-ISOL glue for boards allows to make solid and durable temperature-resistant connection.
TA – TAPE Aluminum tapes to secure connections of the fireplace hood insulation or hot air distribution ducts.
TA aluminum tape is 50[mm] wide and available in 5, 10 or 50[m] lengths.
SUPER ISOL SILICATE AND LIME PLATES SUPER ISOL calcium-silicate boards are very good fireplace insulation as well as a building material.
VERMICULITE SLABS GRENAISOL Grenaisol Vermiculite Insulation Board are used as a perfect insulation material for fireplace hood.

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