Steering and power supply


ERO-32MS-0 controllers are designed for motor speed steering of devices equipped with brushless (BLDC type) motors produced by DARCO and as regulated 0-5 V DC / 0-10 V DC general purpose voltage sources.


Controller is designed for mounting on standard TS-35 rail (electric cabinets) is available. Controller is equipped with a diode signaling operating status of powered devices. Parameters of the cowls and hot air ventilators  can be changed by manual setting of the knob. Controller is compatible with devices produced by DARCO:

Type ERO-32-MS-0
Voltage [V DC] 20-24
Nominal power [W] 0,3
Max current [mA] 30
Max R output load [mA] 5
IP protection class IP40
Ambient temperature [°C] -20 – +60
Humidity [%] 0 – 80
Measurements [mm] 18 x 90 x 63
Weight [g] 48