Steering and power supply


ERO-31MW-0 motor speed controller is designed for working with hybrid chimney cowls produced by DARCO. ERO 31MW-0 is to be mounted unside the hybrid cowl steering box.


Using this type of controller gives much protection against unauthorized interference and changing the Turbowent’s working parameters. Additionally it allows to reduce the amount of cables needed. For proper cowl’s working only one cable with two wires (power supply) is needed.

Controller is compatible with:

Type ERO-31-MW-0
Voltage  [V DC] 20-24
Nominal power [W] 0,3
Max current [mA] 40
Fuse [A] 2,5 (type 0034.6018)
Ambient temperature [°C] -20 – +60
Humidity [%] 0 – 80
Measurements [mm] 74 x 56 x 22
Weight [g] 33