Steering and power supply

Electronic power supply cabinet ESZ-Z-0

Most convenient way of providing power supply to a group of Hybrid Turbowents is to use an electronic power supply cabinet ESZ type.

Each version of ESZ Z-0  is equipped with connection terminals: one input for 230 V AC and five outputs for 24 V DC; they are also provided with required protection measures: against short-circuit, overvoltage, overload. Individual models differ in terms of the power supply unit used (while retaining the same external dimensions). Selection of a specific device depends on the type and number of connected cowls. Use the “Wiring Calculator” programme available freeware [download Wiring Calculator] or ask a DARCO technical advisor for assistance.

Electronic power supply cabinet ESZ Z-0 is compatible with:

Product code Dimensions [mm] Output parameters Max ambient temperature [°C]
Power[V DC] Nominal power
Max current [A]
ESZ-060Z-0 300 x 400 x 200 24 60 2,5 40
ESZ-120Z-0 120 5
ESZ-240Z-0 240 10
ESZ-480Z-0 480 20