Contactless disinfection liquid dispenser

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Contactless disinfection liquid dispenser

Contactless disinfection liquid dispenser, allows application of fluid without necessity of direct hand contact.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused implementation of special measures in terms of hand disinfection inevitable. In order to accommodate this challenge, Darco created  automatic, contactless disinfectant dispenser, all that with design allowing it to look nice in every interior.  Proximity sensor detects hands and applies fluid without risk of transmission of viruses or bacteria. Dispenser housing is made of powder coated 1 mm thick sheet steel, while the niche for hands as well as drip tray are made of chrome-nickel. Floor base is made of 5 mm thick sheet steel, ensuring stability. It was designed so it can be fixed to the ground permanently or set up temporarily wherever needed. Back wall is equipped with locked door ensuring easy access to the disinfectant container and other components.

Device is powered with  230 V voltage. Dispenser comes with its power supply.

Weight [kg]: 21
Dimensions [cm]: 30 x 145,5 x 17