CNC tool cabinets

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CNC tool cabinets

Darco CNC tool cabinets allow storing tools used for CNC machine production processes in easy and comfortable way. Robust housing, simple transporting options and usage of top-quality components allow easy access to the tools and their efficient protection, minimising floor space at the same time.


Housing and drawers are made of powder-coated mild steel. These are the basic components of the tool cabinets. Upon request  it is possible to pick the type and number of shelves. Drawers have comfortable grips and labels to describe the tools located. Components are powder-coated in a customer selected colour.

Drawer shelves are made of 2 mm thick mild steel, powder-coated. They are adapted for the storage of tools used with press brakes, punch presses or milling machines. Shelves may be installed in any arrangement and at selected heights.

Separate system of rollers in the drawers prevents  shelves from wearing.

Magnetic strips allow easy identification of the tools stored.

Self-closing drawers – system allowing drawers to fully close in final phase of their movement.

High-quality wheels prevent floors from getting damaged.

Easy transport of the cabinet is enabled thanks to cut-outs allowing forklift to be used.

Tool cabinet dimensions allow it to be shipped with the usage of a normalized pallet, providing safe and economic transport between the seller and the purchaser.

CNC Tool Cabinets