Darco system


DWG access door provides easy access to the hood, at the same time ensuring continuity of insulation and not affecting the aesthetic values of the fireplace.

With most fireplace systems, such access is of great importance; all servicing and maintenance work can be done without dismantling the cladding. This is especially important with water heating fireplace systems, as their hydraulic elements, valves and control electronics require periodic inspections. The door is mounted in fireplace cladding with glue and screws (the set includes special mounting tabs that enable mounting the door in cladding walls of 30, 40 or 50 mm). Body of the door is composed of a 30 mm thick vermiculite board, that provides good insulation. What is also important, this surface can be easily covered with decorative materials in the colour of the cladding, what makes the door virtually invisible. Yet another asset is the lack of a handle; door features a click opening system, pushing on the surface causes the mechanism to unlock and door springs open.

Dimensions [mm]

300 x 300

400 x 400

400 x 600

600 x 800

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