Guided by the responsibility and care of our employees, their families and the local community, in connection with the spread of the coronavirus and the introduction of an epidemic emergency, we decided to limit the activities of DARCO for the next two weeks
(18. 03. – 31. 03. 2020) to the necessary minimum. In view of the above:

◾️ Production of our products has been stopped.

◾️ The Customer Service Office will be closed, purchases can be made through the online store:

◾️ Our company shop in Krakow is still open

◾️ Dispatches will be made to a reduced extent only for goods and products available in the warehouse, the availability of which will be confirmed by the trader

◾️ Correspondence will be received on an ongoing basis by the employee on duty in the company’s main office building.

◾️ Supplies of materials and components will only be accepted if they cannot be moved after an earlier promotion.

◾️ Courier deliveries will be accepted by the Logistics Department employee at the Logistics Centre.

This time is not a break from work, but a quarantine, so we call for you to stay home and take care of each other, because this is the only way we can defeat the spreading pandemic! We are counting on the fact that after two weeks of stoppage we will all see each other fully healthy!