Dear Customers,

We would like to inform  that we will soon be introducing AN II- second generation Hot Air Ventilator units. Thus, as of 7.10.2023, AN ventilators will be withdrawn from our offer.

The second generation AN-ventilators offer new possibilities and benefits:

through optimised control (without changing the technical parameters).

We provide a wide range of modern controllers to choose from. It is important to note that  ANII operates only with a controller.  In addition, there is the option of remote control via WI-FI from a laptop or smartphone and integration into a smart building system. The ERO-32AP-0 automatic speed controller allows you to work in several time zones.

An external thermostat can be independently mounted anywhere  between the fireplace cap and the Hot Air Ventilator unit  in the Hot Air Distribution system. This makes the installation of the bypass with the ANII supply unit much easier and faster.

The controllers are powered by 24V directly from the Hot Air Ventilator unit  and do not require an additional power supply. In addition, direct connection of the controller and thermostat to the control board in the Hot Air Ventilator does not require interference with the power cable.