Fast diagnosis and professional equipment is a must in the fight against COVID-19. DARCO was not indifferent to the needs of the Oakland Hospital and together with Arkus & Romet Group donated almost 100 000 PLN for the purchase of medical equipment that will help in the fight against coronavirus in the local hospital. Thanks to the actions and the donated funds were purchased:

– Two high-end, digital, portable ultrasound scanners equipped with heads for accurate lung ultrasound, which will facilitate faster diagnosis and give a full picture of the disease,

– 44 multifunctional telemedical wristbands allowing to measure, among other things, body temperature and heart rate, in patients or those with suspected coronaviruses remotely, as well as GPS locator, fall detector, wristband removal sensor, possibility of two-way communication between the patient and the doctor.


We wish the staff of the hospital good health in this difficult time.