Dear Customers,

Due to the changes concerning the equipment of the AN-II Hot Air Ventilator with the ERO-98SW-0 controller, we would like to inform:

– The ERO-98SW-0 controller has been installed into the AN-II Hot Air Ventilator, and with it, the Hot Air Ventilator will immediately start working at 100% capacity when switched on to the power supply

– It is still possible to control the efficiency of operation by means of DARCO speed controllers. To connect the speed controller, the ERO-98SW-0 must be removed.

– The ETT-MN0-0 thermostat, designed for use with AN-II type Hot Air Ventilators has appeared in DARCO’s offer. The thermostat has a housing* designed for convenient on-surface mounting.

– The AN-II Hot Air Ventilator has not been modified in any way, and thus its parameters remain unchanged.

*It is possible to purchase the housing itself, which is compatible with the ARTHERMO ST-612B thermostat.