Elektroniczne zasilacze napięcia stałego

Steering and power supply

Electronic power suppliers EZN

Electronic power suppliers are used as power supply of Hybrid Turbowents (depending on their type).

Elektroniczne zasilacze napięcia stałego
Elektroniczne zasilacze napięcia stałego

Presented devices are used as power supply for 1 to 8 pieces of Hybrid Turbowents (depending on their type). They are to be mounted on a TS-35 rail, in ESR type cabinets, with controllers. Electronic power suppliers are compatible with:

Product code Output parameters Max ambient temp.  [°C]
Power [V DC] Nominal power [W] Max current [A]
EZN-010M-0 24 10 0,42 60
EZN-030M-0 30 1,25
EZN-060M-0 60 2,5


Product code Usage / maximal mount
TH150T TH150 TH200 THP200-350
EZN-010M-0 max 1 max  1 max 1
EZN-030M-0 max 3 max 3 max 3
EZN-060M-0 max 8 max 8 max 8 max 1

Steering and power supply

Electronic power supply cabinet ESZ-Z-0

Most convenient way of providing power supply to a group of Hybrid Turbowents is to use an electronic power supply cabinet ESZ type.


Each version of ESZ Z-0  is equipped with connection terminals: one input for 230 V AC and five outputs for 24 V DC; they are also provided with required protection measures: against short-circuit, overvoltage, overload. Individual models differ in terms of the power supply unit used (while retaining the same external dimensions). Selection of a specific device depends on the type and number of connected cowls. Use the “Wiring Calculator” programme available freeware [download Wiring Calculator] or ask a DARCO technical advisor for assistance.

Electronic power supply cabinet ESZ Z-0 is compatible with:

Product code Dimensions [mm] Output parameters Max ambient temperature [°C]
Power[V DC] Nominal power
Max current [A]
ESZ-060Z-0 300 x 400 x 200 24 60 2,5 40
ESZ-120Z-0 120 5
ESZ-240Z-0 240 10
ESZ-480Z-0 480 20




Darco system

Calculator for wiring

The Calculator Wiring application is used to calculate the maximum cable lengths and to determine the types of power cabinets intended for Hybrid Turbows produced by DARCO Sp. z o.o.