Steel, single walled chimney systems are intended to ensure safe and efficient exhaustion of flue gases from a heating device. They are great as a renovation method of existing, brick chimneys, but also for newly built installations. Modular design, smooth internal walls, high resistance to thermal shocks and to aggressive substances make them a durable solution for many years.

Depending on the intended use, systems are made of acid-resistant steel 1.4404 or heat-resistant steel 1.4828. As a matter of fact, material is the biggest advantage of our chimney systems! jest ich największą zaletą!

Steel single walled chimney systems - safe and afficient exhaustion of flue gases for many years

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On May 25 there was a summary of the competition for children of our company’s employees “Turbowent from salt mass”. On this occasion, 21 participants visited the production halls and the logistics center, where during the trip, they could learn about the way of creating products, as well as what work in a high-storage warehouse looks like, and also the process of packing and shipping goods to the customer. As adults, we learned creativity, unconditional smile and joy.

Congratulations:  Ala, Antosia, Antoś, Antoś, Basia, Dawidek, Franuś, Janek, Julka, Kalinka, Karola, Kuba, Kuba, Leon, Misia, Nadia, Natalka, Olek, Sebuś, Szymon i Tymek.

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Most popular way of connecting stoves, fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances to the chimney. Chimney connection system is used for building chimney connections (connecting stove with chimney duct), it is made with mild steel sheet type DC01. It is recommended as a smoke extraction duct from solid fuels burning devices, where the temperature can rise up to 1000 oC. Pipe elements are welded with laser technology, that guarantees highest connection quality, aesthetics and tightness.

SPK 2.0 mm - complete, safe and resistant chimney conection system for solid fuels burning devices

For a year, we have in offer mailboxes. It is a simple product that facilitates everyday functioning. They are safe, functional and aesthetic. Adapt the mailbox to your needs:

– choose on which side the lock with the visor is to be located

– order an individual engraver

– choose a color from the three basic ones: black, graphite and brown (on special request, it is possible to order a box in a different color).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact with our sales department.

DARCO Mailbox

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ERO-32MN regulator has been nominated for the iF Design Award in the “Building Technology” category. The competition awards projects that are distinguished by design from others in their field.

The iF DESIGN AWARD is the world-renowned design competition in: Product, Packaging, Communication, Interior Architecture,Service Design, Professional Concept, Architecture. First awarded in 1953, the iF DESIGN AWARD is the oldest independent design seal in the world. It is a symbol of outstanding design achievements that focuses on the innovative power of design.

See ERO32-MN 1 & 2

DARCO tool cabinets are an ergonomic product that allows for easy and convenient storage of tools used in production processes using CNC machines. Durable housing, easy transport and the use of the highest quality components allow easy access to the tools and their effective protection while minimizing the space taken.

CNC tool cabinet produced by DARCO