Darco system


Hybrid Solar Turbowent is a rotary chimney cowl, working in two ways, when the wind is blowing strong enough to provide the efficiency needed, cowl works just like ordinary wind driven cowl.

When wind speed is not strong enough but sun shines – electric motor speeds the turbine up. This is because the brand new Hybrid Solar Turbowent is a hybrid cowl equipped with a photovoltaic panel, allowing it to work in windless, but sunny days. Photovoltaic panel generates power which is used by motor to drive the cowl. Hybrid Solar Turbowent is to be mounted on the chimney with no cables needed, albo precise setting panel towards sun does not require any tools.


  • when there are wind fluctuations on the chimney duct ending, caused by its bad location
  • when there is an unfavorable terrain configuration, with strong and frequent winds
  • when there is a lack of chimney draught or it is too weak
  • in order to improve the natural (gravitation) ventilation

2 years warranty

no electicity

ecological product


do not use on gas and oil boilers

do not use on wood stoves

do not use on coal stoves

Versions: Hybrid Solar Turbowent Hybrid Solar Turbowent Tulipan
Available inlet diameters: 150 150
Max power used: 10 [W] 5 [W]
Max airflow: 230 [m3/h] 256 [m3/h]
Mounting versions: ⦁ Hybrid Solar Turbowent with square base
⦁ Hybrid Solar Turbowent Tulipan with force-in mounting base
Materials: ⦁ Base: chrome-nickel sheet 1.4301 or chrome nickel powder coated
⦁ Turbine:  aluminium
Rotating unit: ball bearing